28 May 2012

Meerkatsu Art: Honey Badger Rashguard v2012

Last year I was asked by Tatami Fightwear to provide an illustration to test out their custom rashguard design services. The result was my original honey badger themed rashguard - you can read about it here.

The theme took off again when earlier this year Tatami released my honey badger BJJ gi - which you can read about here.

We didn't make too many of original rashguards but I kept receiving emails and comments requesting when it would be back in stock. Instead of re-issuing the older design, I decided to completey revamp the design and draw something new. And here it is, the v2012 honey badger rashguard, designed by me, made under my trademarked 'brand' Honey Badger Fightwear and manufactured and sold exclusively by Tatami Fightwear.

Well, it will be when the full production run has completed. So far, I have a small sample of prototypes that I have given out to various reviewers and athletes for testing. I estimate the final version will be on sale (through Tatami Fightwear's website and their various worldwide distributors) around mid July.

In the meantime, here are some more photos...

Eagle eyed readers will notice the copious use of Chinese characters. Some might ask why? Well, um there's not real why other than to make it look a little strange and mystical (to non Chinese readers), plus I generally love using Chinese 'hanzi' characters in my work.

If you really want a translation, then at the top front, 蜜獾 translates literally to Honey Badger. Along the arms and on the lower back 蜜獾鬥士 translates as Honey Badger Fighter. At the base of the front panel,  蜜獾不理 says, Honey Badger Does Not Care.

The stripes running vertically down the spine is actually from a barcode. I used an online barcode generator and typed in the words; Honey Badger Fighter. The resulting barcode was tweaked and inverted and layered onto the design in Photoshop.

I'm pretty proud of this design though I do realise the figure is a lot more aggressive looking than the previous incarnation.

Before official release day, look out for contests to win one of these pre-production samples plus the opinions of other gear reviewers online. Check both my regular Meerkatsu Facebook page and my Honey Badger Facebook page for updates.

May the badger be with you.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Phil said...

Can we pre-order it anywhere?


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