7 Jun 2012

Humungous Meerkatsu Giveaway Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered and took part in my Meerkatsu swag giveaway. The winners are as follows:

#1. Honey Badger gi and v2012 rashguard
Quintern Knipping from Singapore: 694 votes

#2. Dragonfly rashguard and t-shirts
Bradley Lehuta from the USA: 678 votes

#3. T-shirt pack
BJJ Gear Junkie with his Thor vs Honey Badger/Cap'n America set-up, I picked this as the funniest.

#4. Sticker packs, five winners chosen at random are:
Kevin Cole
Phil Clegg
Angus Guthrie
Han Yang

Thanks once again to everyone who took part. It was ultra interesting to observe the pitched battle between Quintern and Bradley who were neck and neck throughout the campaign and even to the last minute were fighting hard to get all their friends to vote. Awesome work guys you deserve your prizes which will be winging their way to you soon.

For the others, I will be bugging you all for addresses for send the stuff to. More contests again soon!!


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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