19 Sept 2012

Meerkatsu Store

It's finally here - my very own e-store. After several months of planning and tedious production, web building, domain name hassling and working out payment and shipping complexities for both myself and my partners, the Meerkatsu Store is finally here.


So let's have a look at what my launch offerings are...

1. Monkey Tames The Unicorn T-shirt
This design was inspired by a story I read about the mythical Qilin, also known as the Chinese unicorn (kirin in Japanese):
Long ago the land was devastated by drought and poverty. The heavenly gods were powerless to help the people so they summoned the Monkey King. The monkey knew that only the Qilin could help so he went in search for him and tamed his wild ways so he would bring prosperity and peace to the land.

2. Man Drill To Win T-shirt
This t-shirt is a play on the words Mandrill and Drill to Win. It is the same design that was featured on BJJHQ's one day sale - in which they sold out the entire batch in pretty much under an hour! Well not quite all sold out, I managed to smuggle and ship a small bunch over to me in the UK for my new store.

3. The Gentle Art T-shirt
I put this together because I wanted a simple tee that just spelled out my number one love - jiu jitsu. I added some stitching textures to the fonts and a BJJ belt just in case you were in any doubt what this tee was about. I also came up with a squillion different colour combinations and it was a tough time narrowing down my choice. In the end, I went with green, red and navy.

4. Gi Patches
I love gi patches, the bigger, the brighter, the better so when I designed my patches, I made them big (275mm x 90mm), bright (four juicy colours) and better (made in the USA with love, care and 23,000 stitches).

5. Stickers
I love stickers too and I wanted to make sure I included one with every order, like a little thank you. I chose the Morcegao design because it was very colourful and lent itself well shape-wise to the vertical format. The sticker fits great onto the back of an iPhone or other smartphone.

So there you have it, my launch products. I hope people like them enough to buy them. Future products will include rashguards, art prints, more tees, more stickers and much more to come.

Anyway, have a browse, look around, send me comments if you see something wrong or right.



About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


slideyfoot said...

Congrats on the store! Still hoping for that she-beast tee. Also, nice modelling work there by Callum. ;p


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