6 Dec 2012

Xmas Gift Ideas #1 (biased version)

Xmas is soon upon us, which means we have to buy lots of presents for people we see only once a year and then slap our foreheads as we watch those same gifts displayed at half the price not one week after. Hey ho, that's life I guess. So assuming you actually get a choice of stuff you want, here's part one of my Xmas gift suggestions guide. This first part is a blatant attempt to persuade you to buy stuff produced or designed by me. Well you can't say I'm being subtle. So read on if you don't mind me doing my sales pitch...

1. Art prints and display posters

The above image features just a small selection of my designs that are now available to order as photographic prints or wall posters. The difference being that photographic prints are printed on nicer paper and the colours are a tad richer. The posters are giclee printed and available at up to A2 in size. Giclee is like a pro-level inkjet printer suitable for museum and art gallery display.
You can see my poster and print portfolio by clicking this Red Bubble link.

2. Rashguards

If you hunt around the net, you can probably still find some of my older designs from this year. But the ones that are more recent and therefore more likely to be available include:

  • Kingz Kimonos - koi and dragon rashguards (two different designs). You can buy these from Fighters Market in Canada. I believe they have an offer at the moment of a free rashguard with every kimono ordered. 
  • Katanapus rashguard by Strike Fightwear. Available from the Strike Fightwear store.
  • Dragon Fly rashguard by Tatami Fightwear. This is a newly reprinted batch of rashguards so all sizes should be in stock at the Tatami Fightwear website.
  • Honey Badger v2 rashguard. Only a very very small number of these are available so you'll have to hunt around. But I see Tatami have relisted this so hopefully all sizes are in stock too.

3. T-shirts and hoodies

As you all know, I have my own online store - store.meerkatsu.com. We've run out of Mandrill tees completely, and are running very low on hoodies. The grey Tengu tees are down to single figures but we're healthily stocked on all the other designs apart from one or two sizes. Sorry for the vagueness, my trusty store manager is in charge of the stock so this is all I know for today.

If you want to investigate my other designs still available, then you could try the Tap Cancer Out store for my Gentle Omoplata tee, Scramble store for my Hanuman dishoom tee and Aesthetic for my Naginata Girl tee.

Finally, in the next couple days I will be releasing details of my collaboration with Mr Bong Abad from Gawakoto. We joined forces to create the new Raspberry Ape v2 t-shirt for Daniel Strauss. Stay tuned on that design very very soon...

4. Tattoos

I'm getting a hella lot of requests from followers who wish to have one or more of my designs tattooed on their bodies. I'm utterly flattered by the requests. If you want one of my designs on your body just email me to let me know. I can usually send a cleaner and better quality version of the image you like for your tattooist to use. Do respect however that the art is still my copyright and should not be shared around, resold or redistributed without my consent.

5. Magazines

You might want to purchase a subscription to these awesome BJJ magazine titles - Jiu Jitsu Magazine (from USA) and Jiu Jitsu Style (printed in the UK). I write for both publications so I can confidently say the content within is first class :)

So there you have it, hang something on the wall, ink something on your skin, wear something over your bodies, read something while you are on the bog...there's a Meerkatsu Xmas option for every BJJ-loving guy or girl. Enjoy!

Coming in Part two - my suggestions for Xmas gifts that have nothing to do with Meerkatsu (hard I know but they do exist, out there ;)


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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