30 Mar 2013


What is #Clarking? Ask Clark Gracie.

Last year, he competed at a tournament and was caught by BJJ photographer John Lamonica in this pose here. It was a cool photo, but then Clark looks pretty cool in all his photos, no biggie there. Then, couple days ago, the photo was featured on REDDIT as part of an on-going internet meme focusing on extremely photogenic people looking cool in rather mundane everyday situations. Previous examples include the Ridiculously Photogenic Running Man and many others.

As a result, the photograph of Clark was shared, adapted and memed in the hundreds of thousands by people (BJJ fans and non BJJ folk alike) all over the world.

Clark himself had little to say over the matter. He appeared on Good Morning America and just smiled a lot as the presenters fawned over themselves at the sight of such a good looking jiu jitsu athlete.

If you are interested in what Clark actually does for a living, apart from existing as a ridiculously handsome man, then here's a good interview with him where he discusses BJJ.

So anyway, the #clarking thing. It's basically us trying to mimic the omoplata while looking noncholant far into the distance while the other person is suffering. I think my kids at the top photo do that very well!


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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't he be Taller? ;-)

Peter McC


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