14 Jul 2013

Gi Preview: Mandrill Gi by 93 Brand

This is a gi I designed for 93 Brand. It features my mandrill artwork previously found on the Man Drill To Win t-shirt and rashguard.

This article is not a review. I merely shows photos of the gi, provide specifications and discuss my reasonings behind the design work. I was paid a fixed fee to design this gi.

This gi will be released towards the end of July, first on BJJHQ and then at www.martialartssupplies.com.

It features:
550gsm Pearl Weave Jacket
Durable 12oz Canvas Cotton Pants
Rope Drawstring
Sizes; A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A2H (Husky), A3,  A3L, A4,  A5

As with my review of the 'Goose' gi by 93 Brand, my feeling is that these gis fit slightly larger than the average. I haven't provided size details in this report. Though check out the preview by Gi Reviews so some information on how it feels at size A3. The model I show here is a size A1L (which is too big for me).

First off, I wanted a gi that would encapsulate the joyously crazy colour scheme of a mandrill monkey. I decided a black go would help these colours pop out. I'm sure you already know this based on my previous designs, but the Mandrill is a play on words - Man Drill To Win (or even Drill To Win, Man!).

The shoulder patches are woven labels and each shoulder features a different mandrill face. Dark yellow, reds, blues, blacks and whites predominate with a touch of purple thrown in. These are not the colours of an actual mandrill, but what the hell, it's a drawing!

Menacing eyes are fast becoming my signature trademark for pretty much every piece I design...

Bright blue shaka here on the jacket base and the trousers adds to the fun factor.

Really decent seam edge tape that doesn't scratch or itch.

The back of the jacket features a patch displaying the mandrill in all his glory. It's a synthetic dye sub printed patch. I'm pretty sure you can unstitch and remove it if you prefer not to have it or put your academy patch over the top instead.

The pants are made with very sturdy canvas cotton. Zingy bright rope drawstring, belt loops and label give it some nice colour and the double knee layer extends all the way to the ankle - providing ample coverage when kneeling.


About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Unknown said...

Hi Seymour,

Any idea or preview on what the price of this gi will be?

Many thanks,


Meerkatsu said...

I was informed it would be $120 on BJJHQ for one day and $159 on martialartssupplies after the one day sale.

DJ JEFF ANDY said...

Hi man how to buy and send for me in Brasil this GI

Anonymous said...

I have rolled in mine less than 5 times and the patch on the back is already pulling itself apart (not just coming unstiched).

Always wahshed inside out with cold water and gentle cycle. Never in the dryer.

Meerkatsu said...

That's not good. Email the seller (bjjhq?) and demand a refund.

Luck said...

I also experienced the same issue with the patch located on the back. It happened after the first wear. Contacted BJJHQ about the situation. We'll see how it goes.

Meerkatsu - Love your designs. I usually buy anything of yours that I can get my hands on. This incident was my first bad experience. Keep up the good work and make your stuff more accessible in the US.

Anton said...

Where is it possible to buy this GI? How to order?

Anonymous said...

Hi ! i want it, where can buy it?


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