29 Aug 2013

Kyra Gracie and her bottom

Womens BJJ superstar Kyra Gracie made a bit of a splash last week when a photo from her latest magazine photoshoot was posted online (source unknown). The photo showed her with a gi top on and no trousers. Reaction from the majority of people online was predictably laddish - for example the many as can be found on this Reddit/BJJ thread.

My team mate and instructor - UK brown belt champ Daniel Strauss - decided it was time to send up the image with his own hilarious take on the same photo.

Fellow blogger Julia has her views on the Kyra-as-sex-object discussion, you can read it here.

Not enough assery? Here are more photos of Daniel #kyra-ing. Photographs by Sophie Walters who is the actual one that owns the purple gi with the yellow Meerkatsu patch. Enjoy!


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

This is Brilliant!!! LMAO

Unknown said...

I concur! Brillinat

Unknown said...

I concur! Brillinat!

Monsneaks said...

SO refreshing! Thanks Strauss! I think every girl that does BJJ is about to become fans of the Raspberry Ape!

pamilajo said...

Funny is sexy.

Jiu Jiu said...

Oh my lord. This is so perfect and amazing. I sincerely hope I can meet Daniel some day. I think he'd be hilarious and fun to hang out with. I WILL BUY THAT MAN A BEER!

Megan said...

LOVE his expressions. They're dead on and not overdone. I want to be his friend.

Anonymous said...

Kyra's booty is what's most brilliant.

Shark Girl said...

Thank you, thank you!


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