24 Sept 2013

Gi Showcase: Honey Badger V2.0 by Tatami Fightwear

Tatami Fightwear recently released the next installment of my series of honey badger inspired BJJ gis. I love wearing it as it fits perfectly for me (size A1) but then I knew it would because it is based on the same cut as the Estilo and the Zero G gis from the Tatami Fightwear range. Here are some photos:

I unofficially titled this gi the Black Mamba vs Honey Badger because the black mamba is a very poisonous snake and kind of lives in the same part of the world as the honey badger. It's also a little nod to an old gi design by my friend John Smalls who designed the 'white mamba' for Shoyoroll. I'm sure neither of them mind!

I had a bit of a camera lapse so the pictures above are too over-exposed, sorry. I've also been too lazy to take selfies of my wearing it. Hopefully you can still see the details on the embroidery. The snakes wrap all the way from the chest over the shoulder blades to meet centrally at the honey badger face in the small of the back. It's quite a technical achievement for the factory to produce this. I was told that their machine broke down on every 7 or 8th gi, hence the very slow production!

And look...when you see young Daniel Agard wear the gi, it looks like he has an impressive set of locks, a bit like Predator in the Predator movie. An unintended effect.

You can buy the Honey Badger v2 gi at the following:

Tatami Fightwear
Budo Videos
and most other retailers that stock Tatami Fightwear gear.

Original pencil sketches


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

Great design!
But the pants are ripstop, right? White ripstop pants of others gi I've seen sometimes get a little transparent when you sweat and it stretches tight over your butt. Do the unterpants shine through the pants of this gi?

Unknown said...

This Gi is awesome! I clicked the link to the Tatami site and it says its no longer available. Do you know if they plan on producing anymore?

Unknown said...

I agree, great design! I would love to own this gi. Does the top have the same cut as the Estilo 3.0? Unfortunately thats the only Tatami I own to reference against.


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