4 Nov 2013

Meerkatsu Art: The Manual T-shirt

My new t-shirt is inspired by and pays homage to both the car workshop manual and the BJJ instructional book.

It is available from my store here.

Some more photos:

The front features an illustration I created using Adobe Illustrator based on an old photograph I took. I had to tweak it quite a bit - read more about the art process on my art blog. The text I just made up on the spot written in the style of language used by most instructional manuals.

It is screen printed using the discharge printing technique which uses much softer inks that absorb into the fabric.

The photo below shows the insane detail that the printers were able to achieve. They clearly used the finest screen mesh available.

I like to think of BJJ as a martial art that is particularly attractive to geeky nerds. People who like to collect stats about famous tournament players and collect as much detail about tech as possible. This tee is in honour of the BJJ geek!

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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