18 Feb 2014

Review: Tatami Fightwear Zero G (Version 3)

Improved version of the popular Zero-G range by Tatami Fightwear sees a gi that rivals their own Estilo model. The design elements are much improved and the cut is a little bit slimmer than previous versions. I still prefer my Estilo over the Zero G, but, apart from price, there's little to really set these two apart.

I have worked for Tatami Fightwear on a freelance basis over numerous projects. I have had no input into this product.

Zero G V3 gi is available at www.tatamifightwear.com and various other vendors.
Price: £81 (black model), £77 (white model).

Several years back I reviewed the first incarnations of the Zero G gi - see review here and here. It was marketed at the time as the lightweight choice for competitors and sold at a very sub-£70 friendly price. This version 3 of the same gi name is a step up in price, weight, design aesthetics and quality which puts it, in my opinion, level with the premium priced Estilo range of gis made by Tatami Fightwear.

Size, shrinkage, weight data
I wore a size A1 Zero G gi for approximately 4 weeks. The gi was washed at 40 degrees and air dried. My own dimensions are 167cm height and 58-60Kg weight with long arms for someone who wears size A1.

(Before washing/after washing)
A:  165 / 163cm
B: 79 / 77cm
C: 57 / 56cm
D: 16 / 15.5cm
E: 51 / 51cm
F: 97 / 94cm
G: 22 / 22cm
Jacket weight: 1.1Kg
Trouser weight: 0.5Kg

Stats Discussion
The stats show a pretty stable set of size measurements even after several washes. Tatami have clearly improved the Zero G in that respect. In the version 1 of this model the trousers suffered the most from shrinkage (Zero G black review shows shrinkage from 94cm down to 90cm). Tatami have increased the length of the pants in the V3 edition so that shrinkage can be accounted for.

Wingspan is good for me at A1 size with my long arms. 163cm wingspan makes it a bit longer than the equivalent A1 Estilo 4 gi (157cm). Torso width and length is just a tiny bit wider and longer than the Estilo 4, something I'll comment on later in the review.

Weight, at 1.6Kg, is no more than average for an A1 pearlweave gi. The Estilo 4 weighs 1.8Kg so there's hardly much difference between the two. By contrast, if the wearer really requires an ultra light gi for weight saving at competitions, the Tatami Sub-Zero model now fills that role.

The jacket is made from 475gsm weight pearlweave cotton fabric. Immediately obvious are the striking light blue stitching and patch trim that pops out against the black fabric. The graphics on the shoulder and trouser patches have improved and overall the gi looks bright, colourful yet balanced.

The collar and lapels are covered with ripstop cotton while cuffs are lined with folded seam tape. Reinforcements are present under the armpits and behind the side vents.

The Zero G v3 pants are made from 11oz ripstop cotton - a departure from their usual twill cotton material. Rope drawstring and four belt loops provide the fastening while the double knee lining extends all the way to the base of the leg. Diagonal stitching adds a stylish touch to the design.

Rolling Performance
The Zero-G was roomy and comfortable to roll in. Possibly a bit too roomy. Compared to the Estilo 4, which I regard as the best fitting gi in my current rotation, the Zero G didn't quite feel as snug and fitted. Although the stats suggest only a tiny cm difference between the Estilo and the Zero G, when worn, I certainly felt like it was bigger - I'm probably splitting hairs or maybe I need to eat more!

When you examine the photos - the Zero G looks like it fits me perfectly fine. Ideally I could probably do with slightly less length on the skirt portion and slightly narrower sleeves and torso. But that's me being ultra picky - I'm happy the wingspan is perfect for me (most A1's fall short on me). The pants are pretty much close to perfect and feel great. They remind me of the excellent ripstop material found on the Aesthetic and Atama Mundial gis.

The new ripstop material trousers were great - light, airy and comfortable I think this material is as good as, if not better, than twill cotton.

The gi looks smart in my opinion and seems to offer durability given the triple stitching and standard reinforcements throughout jacket and trousers. At 1.6Kg for a size A1, I doubt 'Zero-G' is an applicable name anymore, not now that there are plenty of ultra light gis out there to choose from.

The new look version 3 Zero G gi offers the smart graphics and quality of materials as found on the Estilo 4 but for cheaper (Estilo 4 retails at £99). For me I prefer the slightly better fitting Estilo but there isn't much to separate them. If you want something quality but can't quite stretch to an Estilo, I recommend the Zero G as a good alternative choice.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review it has made my decision a lot easier. I will now be purchasing this gi.

derLichtschalter said...

Thanks for this review. I now bought a Zero-G V3 and really like the good looks and the overall quality. But it does not have reinforcements in the armpits as you stated above. Did yours really have them? Then perhaps Tatami changed that later during production...

derLichtschalter said...

I checked back with Tatami. There should be reinforcements and they will inform their factory. They will only replace the jacket if any issue occurs out of that. Fine for me - I want to keep this gorgeous gi :D


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