15 Apr 2014

Meerkatsu Brand - Flying Peacocks Rashguard & Grappling Tights

My Flying (fighting) Peacocks rashguard + grappling tights are available from my store (from 16th April 2014) here: www.meerkatsu.com

You can buy them individually or, if you want both, we’ll apply a 10% discount to the set - this promotion is for a limited time only.

Here is more information about the products:

Photo by Hannah Jell
When I visited the zoo last year with my kids, of all the animals in cages we saw, there was one that excited the interest of my kids the most – a lone male peacock strutting around the whole zoo. He wasn’t in a cage, but was free to wander around occasionally squawking and deftly avoiding the attentions of little children trying to grab its tail.

It occurred to me that here was a creature that has evolved to quite ridiculous levels of showmanship, yet despite the cumbersome tail feathers, really acted like it owned the place. It showed no fear of curious humans and would happily peck or squawk at anyone who got too close. Evidence on YouTube would suggest that in the wild, male peafowl are very territorial. Those massive tail feathers aren’t just all show, these birds do fight. They also fly. These natural world facts coupled with the fact that peacocks have become immortalized In the brilliant movie comedy The Other Guys inspired me to draw peacocks for this, my latest designs.

Peacock rashguard - FRONT

Peacock rashguard - BACK

The rashguard is the same fit as my previous Meerkatsu brand long sleeved offerings (Gentle Ape and Heavenly Wristlock). As usual, expect some degree to stretch when viewing the size chart here, mainly in torso width (B). Best practice is to find a rashguard you already wear and just measure the wingspan and torso length to see which of the options below suits you best.

The grappling tights (commonly also known as ‘spats’) are pretty much the same length, width and fit as my previous Fire Rooster tights, except users will note the tights are made from a simpler two-panel cut, instead of the 8-panel design of the Fire Roosters. It will feel slightly stretchier to pull on and off as a result.

Photo by Hannah Jell

All artwork was printed using dye sublimation – this is where the ink is applied using heat and remains permanent within the textile fibres. You can read more about how I drew the peacocks over on my art blog here. Flying Peacocks is available at my webstore from April 16th 2014.

Meerkatsu sponsored athletes Kat Gibson and Tanya Tansiri. Photo by Hannah Jell

Photo by Malte Wiggers Photography


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Rachel Green said...

Those are awesome. Grapple in beauty.


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