13 Jun 2014

Counterfeit, fake, bootlegged and fraudulent Meerkatsu products

I am very sad to witness almost on a daily basis, many of my designs and products that have been faked and bootlegged. The photos here are from a particularly poor example and were sent to me by a friend who was contacted by a Pakistan based factory touting for business. The factory claimed to be official makers of my products. THIS IS NOT TRUE!
My suppliers would NEVER announce this, they don't need to because they are up to the eyeballs with orders from some of the biggest fightwear companies in the world. the companies that make my gear are in high demand and would never tout for business because they don't need to. If a company is aggressively touting for trade and showing samples that look dodgy...chances are that they ARE dodgy.

On a personal note, seeing my designs ripped off is heart breaking. I could write a very long rant about what it means to me but suffice to say it's a kick in the stomach and a mockery for all the long long hours I spend late into each and every night working my designs, running my brand and trying to produce original and authentic content.

These bogus t-shirts are printed so shoddily. Worse still, I designed the original as a charity fundraiser for survivors of rape and sexual violence. This is simply heartless.

It appears most of these rip off products base their printing on low resolution scans and direct prints from pictures featured in this very blog. In response to this, I will be removing a lot of previously unwatermarked content and re-uploading them fully watermarked. I am also considering closing down my RedBubble poster site as it too may be a source of clean artwork for scamsters to copy from.

My partners and I work incredibly hard trying to eke out a small living from fightwear designs. We're not big by any stretch of the imagination and you would be surprised just how little profit is generated. Bootleg products don't help. If you see something that might be dodgy, email me and I can usually confirm on sight. This does not apply to the many many retailers and vendors who represent my products on a legitimate basis.

I could rant on for hours! But I think I've written enough here to get things off my chest. Down with the scumbag pirates. SUPPORT ORIGINAL ARTISTS!

Thank you.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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