16 Jul 2014

Meerkatsu Brand - Randori Kittens kids t-shirt

I decided to design something that would appeal to my younger audience hence these sparring kittens. They are available through my store only - click here.

Here are more photos and information:-

In the photos (my two kids btw), Aimee is 8 years old and is 129cm tall (51"), she wearing the size Medium tee.  Dylan is 6 years old and 112cm tall (44"). He is also wearing the Medium, which is a little large on him but we didn't do a size small so he's got no choice!

I picked kittens as the subject matter for my tee design because when you observe young kittens, they're always play fighting or they look like they are about to launch into an attack on some unseen object. It is just them learning and flexing their baby hunting skills of course, but it's fascinating to watch and you can't fail to draw analogies to the instinctive way young kids grapple and wrestle when they spar.

The t-shirts are screen printed onto softstyle ringspun cotton tees and suitable for ages from 6 to 14. At a push, a very petite lady could fit the size XL.

Here is a work in progress screengrab showing part way of how I put together the design:

Finally, I also used the same kittens for a charity fund raising event. Here is the poster (click on it and it links to the event page):

You can buy my Randori Kittens t-shirt here at my Meerkatsu Store.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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