3 Sept 2014

Review: Strike Fightwear Crowd Control II

Strike issue the sequel to their first Crowd Control gi - a gi that was in part designed through popular voting by online followers. I found my sample to be made from the usual good quality standard and value for money price point that Strike is known for. I wasn't too keen on the quality of the drawstring, but apart from that, it's a great lightweight and stylish general rolling BJJ uniform.

Strike Fightwear Crowd Control 2.0
Available from the Strike Fightwear website
Size range: A0 to A4 including A1L and A2L mid sizes.
Price: £75

I have done freelance design work for Strike Fightwear in the past. I have no involvement with this product. All views expressed in this report are my own.

Strike Fightwear first conceived of a gi that was designed using a crowd sourcing model of follower interaction last year. It was a very popular concept and the result was their first Crowd Control gi (photo below)

The original was offered on a pre-order basis, although I believe some were also made for general sale once the shipment landed.

Fast forward to 2014 and the Crowd Control 2.0 is here with me for testing. Following my positive review of the Strike fightwear HG13 gi (see here for review) I was expecting the Crowd Control to be equally as good. 

Strike fightwear sent me a size A1 gi. For reference, I weigh 59Kg and I am 167cm tall. I usually wear a size A1 gi if it fits large, some A1 gis end up shrinking too small in the sleeves for me.

NOTE: Unfortunately I lost my measurements for the unwashed gi. The following measurements are based on a gi that has been washed at 40 degrees over a dozen times.

A 157cm
B 73 cm
C 55cm
D 15 cm
E  50 cm
F  91cm
G 19cm

Jacket weight: 1Kg
Trouser weight 0.5Kg

Stats Discussion
The shrinkage data is not there. But comparing it to the Strike Fightwear HG13 I reviewed previously, they are both of very similar dimensions for the A1 so I would strongly speculate that shrinkage for this one is roughly the same - ie minimal. 

The jacket is a 450gsm pearlweave cotton. For comparison, this makes it marginally a less densely woven textile than the Tatami Fightwear Zero G V3 gi (475gsm). The colourway of bright light blue accents and stitching is also reminiscent of the black Zero G.

The photo below shows the excellent cuff tape - despite being open edged (as opposed to folder over) they were smooth and non scratchy.

Further tape along the base of the jacket plus a patch at the apex of the side vent complete the reinforcements of the jacket. There was no extra reinforcements under the armpit.

Embroidery and other decorations are all crafted with a good level of detail and quality. The whole ensemble is much cleaner and less showy compared against the first version of the Crowd Control.

The trousers are a light and comfy 10oz cotton drill. As with the jacket, the blue pops out against the black. The lower leg is double layered from above the knee bone all the way down to the base - important for knee coverage when kneeling. Pearlweave gi material is used for the crotch gusset panel.

I found the drawstrings to be very cheap and poorly constructed. Strike Fightwear inform me these have now been changed.

Rolling Performance
I rolled in this gi extensively, mainly because the summer was pretty hot here in the UK and it was handily the only lightweight gi I had hanging around that needed reviewing. Consequently I wore it to every gi training session. As you can tell, I loved rolling in the gi, it fitted me perfectly and for warm weather training, the lightness was a real benefit. Although light, it doesn't feel 'thin' and despite numerous washing, both the jacket and trousers keep their shape very well. I wasn't happy about the cheapo drawstrings. Strike fightwear have replaced them now on all their stock gis.

This is a great gi. For my personal body size and shape, the A1 fits perfectly in both jacket and trousers. The styling and colourway is sharp but free from being too garish compared to the previous incarnation of the Crowd control. Priced at £75 it is a great value lightweight gi to wear for comps of day to day training.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

I liked that the gi feels light, but it seems that it absors more sweat versus my other 450 GSM gis.

One thing I'll have to mention though is the Strike Fightwear's unimpressive customer service.
I pre ordered 3 gis (dated december 2013) but only managed to get them APRIL 2014. This was after numerous unanswered emails, instagram messages.
I was only able to a response from them through facebook, and to add the hassle they sent a wrong size for one of the gi's.
I immediately informed them about the wrong size, but I never heard from them anymore. Luckily I was able to sell it to a teammate.

Unknown said...

Brother Seymoure, Thanx so much for your detailed and informative reviews and your lighthearted attitude! I'm a novice to the BJJ lifestyle. Your reviews were very helpful to me when I purchased my 1st gi, the awesome yet affordable Tatami Zero G v.3. (Which ironically looks similar to the gi above). Any chance you will be reviewing the 93 Brand's latest "Hooks" gi? I'm looking a secondary budget friendly durable gi for my addiction lol. Thanx again.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the pre-order customers and waited ages too. The sleeves on mine shrunk a good few inches (for the record I bought an A2L and it's now more like a short A2) despite washing in cold. They seem pretty responsive when you have questions prior to purchasing their products but the moment you've made the transaction and there's an issue of sorts they just ignore you. Shame as apart from the above issues I quite liked this gi but will be voting with my wallet in future.

JY (Calgary) said...

Thanks for the detailed review. After reading this review I was hopeful that the gi wouldn't suffer from a lot of shrinkage after washing. I purchased a size A1L via BJJHQ.com and was initially very happy with the gi because of its design and more fitted cut. That said, after only two rolls and 3 laundry cycles (all in cold water, hang dry), the pant length shrunk dramatically, down from 91 cm to 85 cm (!) and the width of the gi at the skirt shrunk considerably as well. It's a shame, because the gi still fits nicely around my shoulders but it's now too small to wear. I almost wish I had ordered an A2. I also own a Strike Fightwear Roots 2.0 and the A2 fits quite well (the pants are arguably a bit roomy but the length is perfect even after many washes in cold water) so I thought an A1L in the Crowd Control 2.0 would be just perfect.


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