1 Jan 2015

Interview - Amber Stautzenberger

Photo by Olivier Martinez

Amber Stautzenberger is an MMA athlete based in Texas. She officially reps my Meerkatsu brand so I thought it would be a good opportunity for my readers to find out a little more about her martial art exploits:

Q: Hi Amber, could you please give a brief introduction about yourself - where you train, the disciplines you train and what level, when started etc?

I am a strawweight fighter and train at Mohler MMA in Coppell, TX, USA. My main focus is Jiu-Jitsu but I train in  boxing, Muay Thai, and wrestling as well. I started mixed martial arts when I graduated high school and moved to start college. I had a few fights while I was in school, but training was always off and on since school was my priority.

Q: Where did the fight name 'Apex Predator' come from? [It's radically cool btw]

My husband and coaches feel I have the potential to be at the top of the food chain in my division. Also, they wanted to make my whole fight name as long as they possibly could. Amber "Apex Predator" Stautzenberger is a mouth full.

Q: When was your first MMA fight and what were you emotions leading up to it and after?

My first amateur MMA fight was in early 2008 I believe. I was nervous, of course, but I felt strong and confident. Not only was it my first match, but the referee's as well. I was out boxing the girl, she took me down and mounted. I was shrimping out and was partially free and the referee stop the match due to strikes....5 of them. I was more furious than anything. So that pushed me to train hard and aim for finishes. Next fight I won 2nd round TKO.

Q: What attracted you to fighting in the cage in the first place?

When I was younger I had the desire to be a boxer. I had seen a few girls fight on television one day and though it was beautiful. I did lots of sports in school, but my mother would not allow boxing. That desire stuck with me as the years went on, so I joined a martial arts gym right after I graduated high school. Obviously, one thing transitioned into an other and I eventually got my first fight. My dad loves the idea of me being able to protect myself. After my mom saw my second fight, which I won, she was accepting of the sport and, as always, became my number one fan.

Photo by Olivier Martinez

Q: You were voted among the 'Hottest Female MMA fighters' in 2013, what is your view on the portrayal of female MMA athletes by the media?

No matter what a woman does (actress,singer, athlete) there is always someone checking out how they look. It could be of benefit but may also have it's downfalls. Also, there has to be room for respect. If you don't respect yourself, don't expect for someone else to respect you. Have a little class in what you do.

Q: How much of a role is your grappling training a part of your overall style and game plan?  

It's always in my game plan. I grapple multiple times a week. Of all the fights I've competed in there has never been a fight that has not gone to the ground.

Q: Bonus question: and what the heck is going on in that standing inverted triangle tech on the photo...it got shared widely!

I was surprised it was such a hit! Delaney was going for a takedown at the end of the round. I pushed her head down and felt where her arms were. I immediately jumped for it. I went for the double under  around her leg and took her down. Right after we hit the mat, the bell rang. Even though I didn't submit her with it (oh, I wish I had) I still feel pretty cool. Ha Ha.

Q: How do you juggle training, family, job and other duties, especially leading up to a fight?

Things do get hectic but I try to maintain a balance. I have a schedule that I follow weekly, though life happens with work and school, and I have to alter it here and there. My husband and my stepson train as well, so we're all supportive of each other and understand the time and dedication it takes to prepare for a fight.

Q: Tell me about the charity project you are so passionate about? 

The charity is called Hope for the Silent Voices (HFSV). It's a non-profit that brings attention to the neglected and abused. They are committed to helping the world. I have co-hosted a self defense seminar to benefit the organization earlier this year. December 26, I will be traveling with HFSV to Cambodia. We'll be interacting with the children there. Human Trafficking is huge there and I would love to make a difference in those lives of the young victims and orphans. I'll be keeping everyone updated daily on my journey there. To find out more about HFSV visit www.HopeForTheSilentVoices.org  OR to support the trip go to www.iamfritzfowler.com/store.html to purchase an "Apex Predator" shirt designed by the one and only MEERKATSU.

Q: What are your fight and training goals over the next year and beyond? 

I plan to start 2015 with a bang! I'm going to make my claim in the WMMA world by training harder than ever, winning fights, and crawling up the ladder of the top promotions.

Q: Any peeps you wish to give a shout out to?

Thank you, Seymour, for the interview and your constant support, especially with HFSV. I want to thank my gym, Mohler MMA, my coaches, Allen Mohler and Will Campuzano. I definitely want to thank my husband/coach Tristan Grimsley who guides me physically and mentally in my fight preparation. Big shout out to www.mouthpieceguy.com, Sport Nutrition 1, Core Physical Medicine and Donny King, Gamma Labs, M. King Construction, and Michelle Holcomb FNC-P from Inova Richardson, the infamous Fritz Fowler and all the ladies who come to cross train with me and Jinh!!!!

Amber working with Hope for Silent Voices in Cambodia 

You can follow Amber's updates over on her Facebook page.


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