14 Sept 2015

Polaris Professional Jiu Jitsu 2 - Results

Polaris Pro 2 was even better than the first event. In total, there were 6 submission finishes out of 8 matches. The entire event was a jiu jitsu nerds dream come true. The highlight for me was to watch my team mate Daniel Strauss compete against the World Champion AJ Agazarm in a drama filled contest. But there were so so many talking points - Gezary Matuda's 8 second armbar for example, of Daisuke Nakamura matching Victor Ribeiro for 14 minutes until finally succumbing to a choke - yet still ending the day with the world's biggest smile.

Photograph above by SheBeast. Visit her blog and Facebook page.

You can still watch all the matches on FloGrappling.com.

Here are all the results:

Luca Anacoretta defeats Pedro Bessa by triangle
Gianni Grippo defeats Tom Barlow by heel hook
Robson Moura and Baret Yoshida DRAW
Vitor Ribeiro defeats Daisuke Nakamura by collar choke
Eddie Cummings defeats Reilly Bodycomb by heel hook
Daniel Strauss v AJ Agazarm DRAW
Gezary Matuda defeats Michelle Nicolini by jumping armbar!
Garry Tonon defeats Imanari by heel hook

Congratulations to the organisers of Polaris Pro 2, best pro submission event EVER!!!!!!


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