12 Dec 2015

Holiday Season Gift Recommendations 2015

Here are a bunch of cool gift ideas that would appeal to your BJJ-loving friends/partners/relatives. This list comprises various things I've seen on the internet that I personally think are very cool and would love to receive myself (hint hint!)

In no particular order:

Top image: brand new released Scramble limited edition chili red coloured MMIX hooded top. Available here.

Art Junkie x Gawakoto Grapple & Pound rashguard
This thing - available here - screams joooojitsooooo! Bright, colourful and very in your face, wearing this rashguard will tell everyone how inventive, creative and submission friendly your game is!

Newaza Apparel - The Seeker Rashguard
Eddie Cummings is a badass footcrunching jiujitsu demon, so it's right that he endorses this insanely cool rashguard design c/o Newaza Apparel x Scramble collaboration.  Available here.

Tatami Fightwear - Inverted Collection Kimonos
Fancy gis to bring your swagger to the gym - available here.

Idee Pure - Charcoal Soap
I love my Idee Pure soaps and buy them regularly. They have a new scent out and it's an all black number called the Charcoal. It looks cool and smells ultra fresh. Available here.

Want vs Need
Psss, wanna hear about the most talked about grappling/MMA fashion brand on the streets right now? It's Want vs Need with their cool tees, hoodies and apparel. They're always coming out with limmited edition new stuff so worth keeping an eye on developments here.

Of course the above are just a few things out there right now, but it's a start. Of course there is always my own www.meerkatsu.com store to look at, with Sale items and new products, such as my Orchid Dragon Kimono and Heavenly spats, to consider purchasing over the holiday season.

Peace and out!


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