19 May 2016

Review: BJJ Rings

BJJ Rings sent me a sample pack of their silicone training rings. These items are intended to be used for people who can’t wear their wedding (or other decorative metal) ring on their fingers while training in a sports activity yet still wish to wear a ring.

Available to purchase:  http://bjjrings.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bjjrings/

In my particular case, I’ve been married over ten years and although I have a lovely wedding ring, I never wear it since taking on and off many times a week proved to be a pain to do and I was scared I would lose the ring somewhere along the way. I also have increasingly gnarly knuckles which makes pulling off my wedding ring harder each time. Needless to say, I would never wear the ring during training – you only have to Google image ‘degloving’ to see what could happen!

Before shipping my ring, in had to select my ring size. The BJJ Rings website offers a handy online guide. You will need to have your own wedding ring available and compare it to the circles shown on screen. The company does not offer half sizes so the recommendation is to buy the size up. I’ve been wearing the black and red BJJ Rings model for a fortnight now and have to say it’s been holding up really well. The soft pliable nature of the silicone material means it feels comfortable to wear. The size I chose seemed to be a perfect fit.

During BJJ training the ring did not impede my grip pulling/pushing, nor did it snag or feel uncomfortable when my fingers are squeezed under pressure of an opponent. In fact, I barely noticed I was wearing a ring at all. After an hour or so of sparring however, I did notice that the sweat/moisture buildup on the skin of my fingers caused the ring to be more prone to slipping. It didn’t actually ever slip off my finger, but was looser and it felt could be removed. Most importantly, I did not feel I was in any danger of it hurting me or my opponent, which a metal ring could possibly do.

When I first posted a photo of the ring on my social media, it was very interesting to note the reactions, which fell into two camps: those that responded with wow I want one, to those who asked what was the point? I guess married folk who have wedding rings instantly get the concept and anyone else, they don’t see the point. [I’m making broad assumptions here.]

For those who train yet still want to wear a ring, the silicone ring offers a practical compromise. The snazzy BJJ belt colours are also a kind of fashion accessory when worn outside the gym. A little symbol of your marriage to the mats, so to speak!


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