12 Oct 2016

Review - 93 Brand Compression Grappling Underwear

Excellent value underwear designed with grapplers (and other sports) in mind. The mesh fabric offers a good breathable surface that allows sweat to wick away while the structure of the panels and waist band ensures a snug fit.

93 Brand are a US based company that is sold through Rollmore.com 
They sent me their Compression Grappling Underwear, which comes in a pack of two.
You can buy them here for $29.99.

They are simpler in design compared to the last underwear I reviewed - the North South Underwear. Nevertheless, they still offer a number of functional features that add to the comfort for grapplers.

The best thing about these items is the fabric. It's a sort of non-see through mesh textile. When you wear it, it is not see through, but when you hold it up to the light, you can clearly see holes.

The crotch portion is double lined. No risk of see-throughness there, even though it's not see-through. you see?

The cut of the underwear seems to contour the buttocks - see photo. It fits me really well.

The pants have a good elastic waistband but there is no elastic on the bottom hem of the legs like they have on the North South pants. Personally I don't think it really needs it.

A no-nonsense pair of good fitting underwear. At a touch under $30 they're good value compared to other brands of compressionwear. The best thing about these items is the fabric, it wicks away sweat and feels light and cool.


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