14 Jan 2017

Review: Full Guard Soap

The folks at London based company Full Guard Gear kindly sent me their latest product - soap and skin lotion. Here is a bit more information along with photos:

Full Guard Gear - website.
Facebook page
Soap bar - £4.00
Defender gel: £4.50
Box set: £17.99

The Full Guard soap and lotion came in a small cardboard box. Packaging and design is colouring and well presented.

The product information sheet explains the ingredients. All natural components, all hand made.

The soap bar comes in a large cream coloured block measuring 7cm x 6cm. It's oily to the touch but once you use it with water, it lathers up pretty well. The most striking aspect to this bar is the intense aroma - it really zings along your senses.

The lotion is similarly fresh smelling. It applies nicely to the skin and doesn't leave much of a residue. Handy for post-training dry and chapped skin, especially the hands.

Both products are nicely made and a benefit to your general post-training hygiene routine. I look forward to seeing the brand grow and more products being released.


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