2 May 2017

Meerkatsu Brand: Kabuto Kittens Tee, Fundamentals Tee and Owloplata Tee

Three new T-shirt designs just landed in my store today - check them out here.

More photos and background to these designs:

Kabuto Kittens
Lucky Cat symbols have long been a favourite of mine. In fact I first drew a pair of Lucky Cats back in 2011 when I designed the Miyao Brothers signature t-shirt for Oss Brand Clothing.

My new 2017 edition of the Lucky Cats sees them wearing samurai helmets and generally looking cute, but badass, but still cute!

This design was originally drawn as part of my Inktober project last year. It then made its way into my recent colouring book publication and I loved it so much, I decided it should be made into a T-shirt.

Fundamentals T-shirt
I wanted to create a simpler tee design, something that still carried my branding, but wasn't filled with crazy animals and demons etc. I've been tinkering a lot recently with typefaces and a simpler presentation - ever since the success of my 'Tranquility' kimono, I now know that a lot of people like the plainer stuff but still want to wear my stuff too.

The chinese letters btw are the words that form my birth name, given to me by my parents. They are the same characters as found on my main Meerkatsu Logo.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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