3 Dec 2017

Seminar: Ricardo de la Riva, Welwyn Garden City, UK

On Saturday I attended the Welwyn Garden City leg of Ricardo de la Riva's UK tour. It was an amazing seminar filled with nuance and detail that is expected from a true master of the art. Genuinely walked away with a head full of new stuff to think about and to try over the coming weeks and months. More about the seminar..

1. Uke gets double unders, you scoot back, grab near collar lapel, other hand grabs sleeve. You’re setting up a trap so he can only pass one direction. Pop your leg on his shoulder, encouraging him to pass under that side. When he does you half granby posturing on your toes, knee and shoulder points of contact on the floor. Kick your upper leg to initiate the sweep, land on top.

2. Same as above but as younsweep he releases the sleeve grip and bases out to prevent final part of the sweep. You have several options: grab the loose arm and gather in for a triangle. Another option is to undertook the near side leg and invert, drawing him on top of you, sweep and land on top sort of like an armbar but there’s no arm beteeen your legs. You choose to swing your legs over or away from uke to land in side control.

3. From double unders and scoot away, on one side you place your foot between his legs and tucked by his inner thigh thereby trapping his arm on one side. Switch to cross grip on his lapel, free hand grabs his belt, release the cross grip and Base out while tech stand up. Uke if he is still gripping your belt will be collar and arm dragged to the floor and also spins onto his back. You land in side control with a nice cross face. We liked this one. [photo above]

4. As above you get the cross grip but in doing so uke sees his opportunity to release the belt grip on that side push your knee down to pass around that side. Use the forearm of your cross grip, foot on the floor as you hip escape out and he face plants. This tech is about making sure ukes head does not cross to the other side of your torso as he passes. After the face plant if he corrects himself and drives into you, which is expected, you can hip escape the other direction and sweep him.

5. As above but you cannot get the cross grip. One hand pushes at his incoming elbow, the free hand grips by his armpit (assuming uke is still gripping the belt) as you hip out causes him shoulder pain and you prevent the pass. Same happens if you use both hands but this time you also need to use your knee to shunt him away as you hip escape. [photo below]

6. Dlr x guard overhead sweep. Main tip is he plants the free leg on the floor to avoid footlock a and leg drags. The dlr leg is placed on the far leg low down by the knee which allows him to unbalance uke better than a high on hip placed foot.

7. As above but if uke frees the dlr foot and squares up to you, prepare for this and your use your free leg to tripod sweep him before he lands that foot. He falls backward.

Another wonderful seminar from Mestre. I think this one was his best. For the most part, he gave instruction in English, which I personally think makes a big difference to my enjoyment of the session and ability to absorb the information. I also liked the trap-like set ups which I think are so clever.

Finally, the session ended with the promotion of long time club favourite Noel, to black belt. Well done Noel!!

[Top photo by Jason Mo, all other photos by me]

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