20 May 2018

Grapplethon 2018 - Wave BJJ London

Bit of a belated post but a few weeks back I visited Wave BJJ in London as they were hosting a 24 Hour Grapplethon. I was keen to attend because I wasn't able to make it to the Artemis BJJ Grapplethon event in February (which btw raised a whopping £5,211 for Tap Cancer Out).

Another reason to visit Wave BJJ was to catch up with club owner Lorenzo Fraquelli - who used to visit Mill Hill many years ago. Lorenzo is a black belt under Roger Gracie.

The Wave BJJ Grapplethon was raising funds for Children with Cancer UK.

It was great to see his gym but also to meet the many passionate jiu jitsu folk who travel led far and wide to attend. Below some photos nicked from the @Grapplethon Instagram account...

Well done to everyone taking part. To find out how to host your own Grapplethon fund raiser, just visit here for lots of handy tips. .

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