30 Aug 2018

Review: Scramble Standard Issue Semi Custom Kimono

Great value plain white BJJ gi from Scramble which includes 8 artistic patches for users to customise as they wish. This gi was light, comfortable and well constructed with only the issue of the pants shrinking a touch more than I would have wanted.

Where to buy
This gi can be purchased through the Scramble webstore and other Scramble sellers worldwide.
Price: £64.99 plus shipping
In addition to white, they also offer black and blue models. There is also a female cut version but this does not come with patches.

My company Meerkatsu has some business related ties to Scramble (they handle all my clothing distribution). This report represents my own views.

The Standard Issue Semi Custom from Scramble (quite a mouthful!) is the cheapest price kimono from Scramble, who are usually known for their more flamboyant gi offerings. This model is very plain bar a couple of small logo decals but users do get 8 free patches which they can apply anywhere they want (or not at all).  I wore this gi for a couple months to really test it out.

Size and Shrinkage 
A1 model (first firgure new, second when washed 6 times)
Jacket Wingspan - 162cm / 152
Jacket Height - 77cm / 74
Chest Width - 54cm / 52
Sleeve Cuff - 15cm / 14.5
Trouser Waist 53cm/49
Outside Leg 94cm/86
Ankle width  19cm/18
J 0.8kg
T 0.4kg

This kimono is described as having a 'midweight' pearlweave jacket and twill cotton pants.

Nice chunky thick collar

Tiny branding patches as standard

Generously large side vent openings

Cotton tape covers the inside sleeve cuffs

Eight cool patches come with the kimono. You'll have to sew these on yourself as they do not have a glue backing.

Lightweight cotton twill trousers with a thick rope drawstring.

Cotton twill tape covers the trouser hem 

I had a lot of enjoyment wearing this kimono. It is very light and very comfortable to wear - especially so as we've experienced a heatwave here in the UK this summer. The sleeve length and trouser lengths however did shrink a bit more than I would prefer but I do have quite long arms and despite the size, the gi is still very wearable. I like the idea of giving away patches with the gi - it's an idea I think Isami first offered a long way back when they released their customisable gi and it is an idea I nicked when releasing a couple of my own Meerkatsu branded gis.

I haven't had time to take selfies of me wearing the Semi Custom but here's a video of me teaching while wearing the gi in the first half of the video. The second half of the video I am wearing my very old Vulkan Pro Lite which is a size A2 and way too baggy for me!

If you want a lightweight and affordable plain gi that comes with pretty patches then the Standard Issue Semi Custom is definitely a solid choice. Just check the size guide carefully and note that the sleeves experience about five percent shrinkage and the pants about 8% shrinkage.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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