6 Sept 2019

Meerkatsu visits David Onuma's North12 Martial Arts Academy, London

I've been friends with David Onuma ever since I joined Mill Hill BJJ over ten years ago. David is a highly accomplished BJJ black belt (3rd degree under Ricardo de la Riva) who has won numerous golds at major IBJJF tournaments.

I visited David for a private training session so I could pick his brain over a number of techniques I knew he was very adept at. I also wanted to see for myself his incredible full time training space - North 12 Martial Arts Academy in north Finchley, London. My photos don't do it justice, his venue is simply superb with no expense spared!

These tatami mats are super comfortable with a lot of spring, a joy to roll on.

North12 Academy entrance is on Friern Park Road, just off the High Street. It's actually a basement, but the main entrance is ground level and you can see the signs easily.

The academy teaches not only BJJ but a variety of other martial arts including kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts and MMA.

The large matted area is complemented by an equally large chill out area and waiting room.

David's brand of martial arts is called CFS (Combined Fight Systems) so look out for CFS competitors at a tournament near you!

Here is a short clip of excerpts from David and I rolling - see how he effortlessly manhandles me and sends me reaching for grips that aren't there, hooks that never materialise and escapes that lead into traps...

David and I also have a short chat about being an older Masters category competitor and general fitness and health...


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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