6 Apr 2021

Tiger Lotus - Fund Raising Tshirt and Hooded Top

My friends launched a new website - www.grapplersforlife.com - all profits from the sale of these items will be donated to The Samaritans and Papyrus UK.

The Tiger Lotus artwork I created is available in T-shirt and Hoodie form with a number of base colours to choose from as well as both mens and ladies fit. 

The printing is done in the UK but the website ships international. The Chinese words at the base of the design come from an old proverb: “If you don’t enter a tiger’s cave, how can you catch a tiger?” 不入虎穴焉得虎子 The saying has the meaning of needing to face ones fear in order to achieve something, and not to have the expectation of gaining something without effort. 

Thank you for your support.

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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