26 Feb 2006

Revisiting the past

Many martial art philosophies believe in the circle as the ultimate symbol of their art. For me, this is true as I have recently revisited my old martial art haunts. Whenever I spend a considerable time indulging in one activity - and then leave it - I never forget about my time, always thinking that it will come back around again.So it is with kickboxing. I left the gym around 18 months ago. Mainly to spend more time on BJJ and JJ but also to leave more time for my family too. But since Mrs Meerkat gave birth, she has been bemoaning her lack of fitness. So I hooked back up with the kickboxing gym and our coach has offered to give private training sessions just for Cat. It was weird going back into the gym. Nothing really has changed and the staff greeted us as if we had never been away. It strongly tempted me to restart my kbxg training.
I often wonder how many of my ex-students who had to give up JJ, actually intended to come back, but were too afraid to make that step back into the dojo?

I've just had 5 hours of kobudo training (traditional weapons) and finally managed to nail a couple of the new katas. Kobudo is an art that you must contstantly practise as they always grade you on the previous katas as well as the new stuff. Towards the end, our head showed us a new way to twirl the bo staff and I must say, I really took to this more dynamic option.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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