18 Feb 2006

Rolling with Royce

Just got back from a seminar with the legend that is Royce Gracie. Once again, his tuition was first class and every technique was sweet and simple but no less effective. You can almost imagine being in the ring tapping out some big UFC fighter using the same trademark subs that Royce just showed us.
The particularly nice thing was that 7 of my JJ colleagues came down too and the grins on their faces at the end of the session said everything it needed to say. Although BJJ was very new to them, they followed the techniques effortlessly and I hope they went away knowing they learned some very useful solid techniques. Thus proving my personal opinion that trad JJ and BJJ do make for a very nice combination of styles.

This year, I came better prepared than last year's seminar and brought my camera, permanent marker pen and a copy of Royce’s latest book for him to sign. The one thing I am kicking myself for not doing was rolling with Royce. Towards the end, he was offering to spar with us students and I could easily have offered myself but I lost the nerve! Typical. Definitely next year though.

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Grinning JJ buddies, left to right: Steph,Eddie,Wayne, Grant,Royce,Meerkat,Pete,Phil and David

Finally, a big shout out to KJ and Greg who received their well earned blue belts by Royce. I look forward to the big man's next visit, and I wish him well for his next fight.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Kit said...

Wow thats cool!Royce Gracie!He did a seminar at Karl Tanswell's once before I joined....:( My brother and I attended the late Carlson Gracie Snr's seminar a couple of years ago. It was well cool I attended a Rick Young seminar yesterday and although it was a JKD one he did show some BJJ moves as well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props on the blue mate

Wicked seminar , how cool was that arm bar with no foot on the hip ?


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