20 Sep 2007

Girl Fight

English MMA fighter Rosi Sexton has been getting lots of press recently. It's understandable since she is a very good fighter and, as a female fighter attracts negative and positive publicity alike. She is also a Cambridge-educated maths post grad wh is not short of an opinion or two. Meerkat has followed Rosi's progress since she was a regular poster on Planetjitsu forums. Especially her account of training whilst heavily pregnant and studying for her degree. There is another clip on youtube where she subs a Brazilian fighter using a classic BJJ technique. It's like selling rice to the Chinese.

So it seems a shame but she will probably be reknowned as the girl that caused a horrendous injury to her Japanese opponent in a recent MMA fight. The clip above is not for the squeamish (the cameraman certainly wasn't).
The takedown looks innocuous enough. A rear leg sweep of some type, but the Japanese girl obvious got her foot stuck whilst the upper leg and body rotated. It's a horrible injury and one that reminds me of David Busst, ex-Coventry player who was tackled and suffered probably the worst football injury of all time.

Speaking of injuries, Imperial Club member Daniel popped into the dojo this week to say Hi. He showed off his thick scars and described the permanent metal pins that hold his shattered forearm together. Docs say that if this arm breaks again, he will lose the arm! Daniel is quite wisely staying away from jujitsu until he heals completely.

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Steve said...

Oh, man. I saw that fight on Bodog Costa Rica here in the States. It has to have been at least 2 or 3 months ago. Man, that was a brutal injury!!!

Anonymous said...

Good God! That was awful. yet it looked so innocuous at first sight. I had to look carefully at the replay to see how it happened. OUCH!!

Hope Daniel is on the mend.

Peter McC


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