13 Mar 2009

Sai balls

Well I finally hauled my lazy Meerkat ass down to the doctors who diagnosed a chest infection and put me on antibiotics. After 3 days of treatment I can’t say I feel any better but we’ll see. Anyway, no BJJ for me right now.
But I did manage to attend ko-budo (traditional weapons) training at the weekend. Five hours of twirling wooden and metal farming implements was actually very therapeutic and I found it to be the best one I have attended for years.

Key to my satisfaction was having a very good instructor and completing that darned Sai No3 kata. It is probably the longest kata ever. My official kata notes lists 78 separate moves in the kata, but it’s more than just the number of moves. It is the fact that at several points along the kata path, it deviates from the sequence and throws in a curveball – or maybe it should be the sai-ball? But now that I have it in my head, I reckon it is the coolest weapons kata ever. Yes, even cooler than any of our various katana (samurai sword) katas.

All this spare non-training time means I have the chance to hone my writing skills. I’m researching and interviewing various people in the BJJ community for a proper blog article – yes proper like, with commas and full stops and everything. I think the subject matter is interesting and hopefully you will too when you read it so watch this space.

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