6 Mar 2009

Top 10 MMA Submission Moves

Just came across this list of Top 10 Submission Moves from AskMen.com
I'm not sure what their criteria is in rating the moves into a Top 10 as one is surely as good as another in terms of doing the job, ie a causing a submission. They are probably rated according to how easy the technique is to set up and how quickly one can get the submission to work. So, according to AskMen, the Top 10 in reverse order are as follows:

10. Gogoplata - yeah, pretty hard to set up if you are not flexible but real flash submission to get if you can.

9. Knee Bar - there is a reason why knee bars are banned at BJJ comps until brown belt. Ouch.

8. Ankle lock - the straight lock version is nasty, but add rotational force and it is crippling. Again, banned from comps until brown belt (rotating ankle locks).

7. Kimura - old school technique but one that still catches people out, erm like me.

6. Arm triangle - scarf hold type submissions involving uke's own arm against his neck are very effective if done properly. Helps to have long and very strong arms.

5. Arm bar - only in at No5!! This is probably the commonest submission I see at BJJ class, but granted, this is an MMA list, so maybe not as common.

4. Triangle choke - this is probably the second most common submission I see at BJJ class, especially when Nick 'triangle' Brooks is doing em.

3. Omoplata - good old back hammer, or elbow lock and shoulder dislocation. I agree, quite hard to set up, but a real shoulder wrecker.

2. Guillotine - I very rarely see this in BJJ class, it does occur, but more so in nogi and MMA where the uniform doesn't get in the way.

1. Rear naked choke - yes, probably the king of all submission whatever the genre or style. Not called sleeper hold for nothing, victims of this technique really do look like they are nodding off.

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