4 Apr 2009

2nd Brighton Grab & Pull BJJ Tournament

Just got back from Brighton, here's some photos I took:

Well, my fight occured exactly as I predicted. I lost, but not by much and from what my team mates tell me, it was closer than I thought. My opponent, a very nice fella from BTT I think, was a tournament rookie too so we were a well matched pair. I can't remember the details other than we switched a lot from full guard to half guard on either side. In the end, I think he got a sweep or side control to score a couple of points whereas I did not. I fulfilled my main objective which was to stay in the game and not get submitted. I learned a lot from the experience. Not least how tough it was, with no time to blink, breathe, think or play. It was all adrenaline and instinct. I'm also glad I did not fight the two others in my division (super feather, aka -64Kg or 'pluma') one of whom, Mark Phung from Carlson Gracie's, looked very very impressive (he took gold in the end).

The whole day out was a huge jolly for me. I enjoyed the great team cameraderie and meeting old and new friends along the way. It was brilliant, I'm sore, but I definitely am going to do more competitions. Now let me see, what's up next... ah yes, the Essex Open...put me down for that one please!

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