22 May 2009

Friday Quiz - guess these BJJ gi makers

Here's a fun little quiz to try. Simply guess the BJJ kimono maker based on these logo picture clues:

First one to guess all the correct manufacturers, please post your answer as a comment after this entry and you win the kudos of being as sad as me! Failing that, I'll post the answers in a few blog postings time.
As you can tell, I love the colour and flare of all the merchandise that surrounds the BJJ world. Less so with the MMA merchandise - those are all neo-gothic typography and cartoony images of overmuscled animals and cage fighters. No, for me, BJJ design is a sign of the creativity and invention that surrounds the sport itself. BJJ uniform logos are like the tail flags of aeroplanes at a busy airport. All the planes do the same job, but for many people, they choose one airline over another simply based on their perceived preference. A lot of that preference is down to marketing and branding.
Some gis are placed highly (and priced highly) and some are dirt cheap. Both do the same job and surprisingly, money does NOT always get an increase in quality.
Most of the pictures were nicked off the awesomely detailed gi reviews posted on the Sherdog Gear & Equipment Review section. Apologies to gi manufacturers for using their logos without permission, but hey, consider it free advertising.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Stumpy said...

Ahh, the one in the top left is 'Atama'. I'm sure of it, maybe. I have one. I bought it from you ;) I think the one next to it is 'Kellogs Dominator' and the bottom right is 'Rowntree Fighting Systems'. Ok, so I haven't a clue. :/

Meerkat said...

What a cool idea - Food and sweats sponsored uniforms!

Werther's Originals competition Team.


Fry's Turkish Delights Team Mega

Atama for (A) is correct, just 11 to go...

LUKE said...

atama, keiko, isami, gameness, machado, senki, koral, lucky gi, bad boy, dragao, vulkan, padilla & sons

Yes, I am as sad as you.

Meerkat said...

The Force is strong with this one.

Well done Luke, you get a goldweaved star!

I'll have to do a harder one next time ;)

Steve said...

I knew 6... but only because I own the brand. Neat idea.

If you do a harder one, I'm hosed. :D


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