22 Jun 2009

British BJJ Open - part 2

The Fightworks Podcast published my full British BJJ Open tournament report here.

The cancellation of the annual Gracie Invitational in the UK this year led many to call for a big replacement event. Up stepped world champion Braulio Estima and his Gracie Barra team in Birmingham to stage the British BJJ Open . With over 620 competitors spread out over 8 mats, this event did not disappoint in terms of size and scale.
[The Fightworks Podcast]

The Social Whirl of BJJ
It was really cool to hook up with fellow BJJers who I only ever meet online.
Here's a shout out to:
Rachael McMillan, who writes this blog, and who won her white belt womens division.
Sarah Merriner, who is also a fellow alumni from our trad JJ style, and who posts regularly on the EFN forum.
My fellow galo and pluma fighters - Isaac Perez, Vishal Patel, Enrique Vallesenor.

The gi wars
I was tucked in some corner of the hall busy photographing away when Carslon Gracie black belt simon Hayes comes up to me to say hi and thanked me for setting up the Faixa Rua Facebook group. A little while later, I am having my fight and brown belt Andy Roberts who is sponsored by arch rival Black Eagle hears my name being called and says to Clint - is that Seymour? Hmmm, well here's a clock choke from me and black eagle. Er, I'm not sure if he was joking or if I really have upset him. I might lay off the online cheeky gi war antics for now, just in case!

Video & photos

Above is the video of my fight with Enrique Villasenor

Below, two Flickr albums of fave photos from the tournament:

As Isaac says in the previous post comments page, one of the strongest memories from coming away from tournaments are the people you meet and the friends you make. Here here.

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