26 Jun 2009


This week has been a bit of a judo-fest. First, at the BJJ British Open, I saw a number of awesome judo throws from stand-up. One chap who entered had only done a handful of previous BJJ lessons, but was an international calibre judoka apparently. Anyway, he lost in the final of his weight division and was so incensed, when his victor went to shake his hand, the judoka hip threw him with a tremendous thump to the ground. It caused a bit of a debate online and perhaps was a bit petulant..but man, what a throw! See the video of the incident here in the background from around 3mins:

As I take part in more and more of the judo classes at Mill Hill, I'm developing a growing fascination with the sport. After ten years of traditional ju-jitsu behind me, I thought I knew a lot about throwing people. Ha! Not now. Not after randori where I get to be swept, thrown, pinned and generally beaten up by big strong judo black belts. It is a humbling experience to say the least.

At the same time, I am reading 'The Pyjama Game' by Mark Law. It's a brilliant read. I'm fascinated with learning about the heroes of the sport and the rigours they had to go through to become the best. The book also covers a little bit about BJJ. The author trains at the Budokwai in London so is lucky to train with world and Olympic judo champions, as well as Roger and Mauricio. Books like this inspire me to keep up with my own amateurish writings. I thoroughly recommend it.

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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic way to sulk! Very unsporting but a superb throw.

Meerkat said...

A friend of mine who used to do a bit of judo was once assaulted in the street and instinctively he threw his assailant to the ground and obviously got hurt landing. The Police, were pretty close to arresting my mate on charges of assault. The world has gone MAD!

XOXrachyXOX said...

haha that was too funny what a sore loser!!!

André Costa Silva said...

Vid is now private. Any (other?) way I could watch it?


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