7 Mar 2011

Submission 1000. Fighter No.7 Kenny Baker

Guys the Submission 1000 event at the Lockdown Fighting Championships in Stevenage on the 19th March is hotting up like you would not believe! Before I go on to introduce our seventh fighter for the £1,000 prize mini event, I have to congratulate Fighter No.1 Andy Roberts who was promoted to black belt by Roger Gracie this weekend!!! This means the event will include a field of THREE black belts among the eight. WOWZA!

So moving on...allow me to introduce to you the skilled hands of grappling sensation, Kenny Baker!

Q: Hi Kenny, please give us some stats: age, weight, belt rank (if appropriate), MA styles etc?

A: I'm 27 yrs old, weigh 78kg and rank brown belt. I train under Renzo Gracie/ John Danaher.

Q: What is your fight record (gi, nogi, MMA etc)?

A: I have had two pro MMA fights a few years ago after only a couple months training with a record of 1-1 losing my second fight to Arni Issakson. I havent had as much competiton experiance as the other guys but I've done well the time I have including winning the Bristol open, Ground control advanced division (closed the bracket in final ), silver medal at Gracie Invitational and last year got Bronze in the IBJJF New York Open losing a close fight to Clark Gracie!

Q: What is your finest grappling achievement?

A: I've been training for about 5 years gaining brown belt within 3 years which was a great acheivement in such a short period and have trained a lot with my good friend Gunnar Nelson. I also have trained a lot with Gregor Gracie, Erik Owling, Tom Barlow and Luke Costello.

Q: What can people who may never have seen submission wrestling or BJJ expect?

A: People at the show can expect great athletes/martial artists that have been training very hard in one of the most technical and exciting sports, give it there all and at the same time they will see how important the grappling art is for MMA and how exciting it really can be watching it live!

Q: The 8 man division contains some top level fighters, who are you most looking forward to fighting against?

A: This tournament has some great fighters from the grappling world so its going to be tough whoever you draw but either way I'm looking forward to the challenge and I will be ready!

Q: What will you do with the prize money?

A: I would spent the money on my beautiful 2 yr old daughter who I share my life with along with training, she said she wants a hoilday!! lol

Q: Good luck and look forward to seeing you fight at the Submission 1000 tournament at the Lockdown FC.

A: Thanks Seymour, see you there!


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