13 Jun 2012

Review: Just Gi Pants Classic model

An interesting niche supplier of BJJ gi pants. Great high quality item with free shipping and great service. A useful service for those unhappy with the pant portion of their current gi.

JustGiPants.com does exactly what it says in the name - they offer gi bottoms, nothing more, nothing less. It's a great business concept and services a very vital need. Every day I read forum posts and blog reports about new gis that were great in every department except the trousers. Justgipants could be the perfect answer. The company was started by BJJ black belt Brandon Mullins who has an incredibly impressive cv: two time IBJJF nogi world champion at black belt, IBJJF nogi Pan American champion at black belt, two time US open champion (brown and black belt), two time IBJJF gi pan american medalist (2nd @ purple and 3rd @ brown) and numerous other titles from NAGA,Grapplers quest,etc.

The website offers just two models - Classic and Modern. The Classic here is made from reasonably heavy duty twill (drillstop) cotton fabric. The A1 sent to me weighed 600grams which is a tad heavier than most gi pants. The length was 90 centimetres brand new and I have to say, after three washes at cold temperature, they barely shrunk down to 86cm.

Notable features
There are three impressive aspects to the Classic that should be pointed out:
1. Very chunky rope drawstring - great for keeping the pants tied in place
2. Knee lining that extends all the way from above the knee to the base of the ankle openings.
3. Super comfy fabric - although thick and solid, they never felt heavy.

The pants have four belt loops and a moderate degree of reinforcements. Ankle openings are double stitched and the gusset region is triple stitched with triangular patches joining the pant partitions within. There are many gi brands with more copiously reinforced trousers, but the JustGiPants classic is certainly more than adequately crafted to withstand heavy usage.

Rolling report and conclusions
The classic feels very solid when worn during training. As mentioned above, they are not the lightest pair you can buy but that did not seem to impinge on their functionality. In fact I found that they were very comfortable. I find that the length is a little short for my personal liking. Something reaching down to around 90-93cm long. At just $39.99 and free shipping in the US, I think JustGiPants offers a great product at a great price and service. As the brand grows, it will be interesting to see if they offer more colours, more fabric types and, perhaps important for some, in between sizes.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting this!! I have 3 gis, and 2 of the pants are out of commission. I'll definitely check out the site

Unknown said...

I love these pants so much. They appear to be simple looking upon a glance,but when you take a closer look its plain to see that a lot of thought went into designing these pants. This is especially evident in the knee padding and the overall comfort factor.


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