2 Jun 2012

Ricardo de la Riva at Mill Hill BJJ

Just a quick post to say just how awesome it has been to have Mestre Ricardo de la Riva resident at our humble academy this past week. De la Riva kicked off the week with a masterclass on the de la Riva guard on Saturday and he has been teaching normal classes all week. Last night was especially cool as he took a q&a to answer our BJJ related problems. He answered each query with an elegant, and in many cases, previously unseen before (to us) solution. As he explained and demonstrated his techniques it just rammed home to me the fact that here is a man that is the very essence of jiu jitsu. Everything he does, the way he moves, the way he expresses his jiu jitsu is on such an infinitely higher plane than pretty much most other people. It's been an honour to have him share his knowledge with us.

He's also quite the joker too (see the final photo below). If you ever get the chance to attend one of his seminars, I urge you to go.

Triple de la Riva guard in action!


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