17 Jul 2013

Gi Review: Faixa Rua Elite Navy

UK brand throw away conservative past and bring out new all singing all dancing model. The Elite is beautifully designed and constructed with all the trim and detail seen on many other premium brands. The A1 came up small on me compared to some other brands. Overall, an exciting new introduction to the Faixa Rua range.

Faixa Rua website: http://www.faixarua.co.uk
Cost: £94.99
Sizes A0 - A4

I have no business or personal connection with Faixa Rua.

Faixa Rua are a British BJJ brand who have in the past maintained a solid, if low key presence on the UK tournament scene. They actually sponsor a number of full time competitors and are visible with advertising and sponsorships at several major events. Their previous gi models have all been designed around the same simple and minimal patch layout. The new Elite gi breaks the mold by offering something much more flashy.

Size, weight, shrinkage and other stats
My own size is 5'7 and 58-60Kg without the gi. I usually wear A1 but I have longer than average arms for the typical A1 wearer.

Size in cm new vs 3 washes at 40 degrees
A:  153 / 149
B: 74 / 71
C: 54 / 52
D: 16.6 / 15.5
E: 52 / 50
F: 93 / 92
G: 24 / 23
Jacket weight: 1.0Kg
Trouser weight: 0.5Kg

The jacket sleeves shrank to a size that was too small for me (see later photo). Measuring a wingspan of 149cm this is much shorter than, say, an A1 Estilo (157cm) or an A1 Aesthetic Aurora II (156cm). Torso length and width, at 71cm isn't too far off from the aforementioned brands. Trousers at 92 cm long are about right for me. 1.5Kg for an A1 isn't particularly ultra light but pretty good considering all the patchery and embroidery.

The blurb states that this jacket features a 450gsm HiTech weave. It certainly looks different to either the single judo style weave or the more common pearl weaves. It's very light and soft to the touch.

The navy colour and white contrast stitching looks amazing. Embroidered shoulder patches are exquisitely sewn and the trendy lapel piping adds to the classy touch. The collar is foam covered with ripstop cotton.

Branded tape is used extensively on the exterior and interior.

The trousers are made from ripstop cotton. They are light and pretty comfortable to wear. The rope drawstring is excellent as are the six belt loops that keep it in position. The double knee layer extends all the way down to the ankle, which is good for when in a kneeling position.

Reinforcement patches on the trousers and the jacket are solid.

More about the branded tape in the rolling performance below...

Rolling Performance
From an aesthetic point of view, this gi is simply beautiful. I love the colour and the bold use of logos and contrast colours throughout. It is smart without being ridiculously blingy.

After rolling in the A1 however, it was soon apparent the sleeves might not be long enough for me - this was before washing. After a few washes my fears were confirmed. Even my very best attempts at shoulder hunching would not let this gi fool a gi checker at an IBJJF tournament. Though there is some debate whether navy blue and lapel piping is allowed at IBJJF comps.

I also found the branded cuff tape around the sleeves and ankles to be scratchy.

My freakishly long arms have let me down again. It's a shame because all the other parts of the uniform fitted me perfectly and it felt fantastic to wear and train in. The jacket and trousers are both light, soft and comfortable to wear.

Faixa Rua have broken against type and issued a blingy gi in not one, but three colour options (navy, black and white). It's a classy and well made gi. A1 wearers who happily walk around with normal arm lengths will love the comfy jacket material and light weight construction. Monkey armed but still small people like me would not suit the A1. At less than £95 plus shipping, it is a serious contender to other premium priced UK gi models such as the Tatami Fightwear Estilo, Scramble Athlete and Aesthetic Aurora gis.

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Anonymous said...

This gi is awesome and is one of my favourites - IBJJF legal or not.

Looks awesome, stands up well to rolling, and enough room to put my academy patches on.


Anonymous said...

Im brazilian... sorry to say that "faixa rua" does not mean anything in Portuguese.
Faixa = Belt / Rua = Street

Anonymous said...

Im brazilian... sorry to say that "faixa rua" does not mean anything in Portuguese.
Faixa = Belt / Rua = Street


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