4 Apr 2014

Heavenly Wristlock Poster - fundraising results

*** UPDATE - the whole Grapplethon 2014 event raised £4,511 for Kinergy (incl sales of my art print) ***

I made ten art prints of my Heavenly Wristlock artwork and posted them up on Ebay. Within two minutes all ten had sold out. Here is a breakdown of the costs, revenue and amount raised:-

I offered the prints for £75 plus shipping (£6 for UK buyers, £15 for International buyers).
TOTAL raised including shipping amounted to: £873

Cost of printing: £179.64
Cost of parcel tubes: £10.98
Paypal fees: £34.82
Ebay fees: £87.70
Cost of postage: £ 89.70

TOTAL COSTS: £402.84

So as you can see, the pure total raised from the sale minus costs (£470.16) was less than the £500 I wanted. So I made up the shortfall from my own money and donated it to Can Sonmez's Grapplethon account (see photo at top).

The Bristol Grapplethon in aid of Kinergy is held on 12th-13th April at 8 Aldermoor Way, Longwell Green, Bristol and rolling begins at 2pm. If you want to take part, there is still time to organise yourself. Visit the event Facebook page for further details.


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