26 Apr 2014

New Brand - Roll Supreme

Roll Supreme are a new UK based fightwear and leisure brand. With sharp graphic and type led designs and a commitment to the growth of BJJ in the UK and abroad, I sat down for a quick chat with owner Jack Colvin to find out more...

Hey Jack tell the readers a little about your BJJ background, your belt, where you train etc?
I'm a blue belt at Mauricio Gomez - Origin Newcastle under Ian Malone. I've been training in the gi for the last 3 years with a few years of MMA before that.

Your brand Roll Supreme - how did you come up with the name and why did you want to start up the brand?
I'm a graphic designer by trade so a lot of times I'll help clients with naming their companies. Its by far the hardest part my job. It also makes it a lot harder when its something that's for yourself. I ended up with dozens of scraps of paper, documents, doodles with different names and words scribbled over them. Those two just seemed to fit.

There's a ton of great jiu jitsu brands out there with a huge scope of styles. Everything from the bright colours and illustrations to the pure street wear styles. I'm a fan of all those styles they didn't quite match the style of clothes I wear outside of the gym. I thought if I started my own brand I'd be able to fill that gap in the market and train full time. Win, win.

What would you say is the underlying theme, style and philosophy of the brand?
In regards to style I like to keep things minimalist and clean. Lots of emphasis on the typography and the fit/ function of the garments. The thing is with design its about finding the balance between something that looks great and that works perfectly. That's something I strive towards.

What products have you got out at the moment?
At the minute we've got the first part of our Spring/ Summer collection. There's a handful of new t-shirt designs, lightweight jumper and hoody, patches. For this collection everything (except the hoody) is made and printed here in the UK.
The gi is still under development. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it haha.

Why have you chosen to focus many of the products on Made in UK?
We've always done our printing in Newcastle so it seemed like the logical step. We traveled to a few trade shows and emailed around to find some suppliers and samples. It took a little while to get things how we wanted but I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

When is your gi going to drop? Can you give us a sneak preview of what to expect?
Making sure we get the gi right is our number one priority. There's a lot of companies that seem to rush their first model to market then we never see them again.

With our gi we're not trying to reinvent the wheel (this time). The main goal is to make a solid training gi that's light enough for competition with a good fit and clean design. I’m treating this one as the base for all our future designs. That's why its important to get it right. As with everything we do it'll be a small order and there won't be any restock of the same design.

Going forward, what plans do you have for Roll Supreme over the coming months and years?
Over the next few months I'm focusing on the gis and trying to get some video content underway. A few years down the line I'd like to have my own studio/ shop/ training area and I'd love to design some Roll Supreme Trainers and jackets too.

Any thanks and shout outs you want to give?
Absolutely, its such a supportive community there's too many to list! A big thanks to all my training partners and coach, Ben, Johnny and Anne, all the other brand owners that have given me guidance and advice, the tournaments and competitions that have helped me out, the guys from around the world who are stocking my gear, the gyms I sponsor than promote the brand, the regulars who buy every new item, and all the customers! The list is endless really!

Thanks Jack. You can check out Roll Supreme on their website and Facebook page.


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Richard Presley said...

Roll Supreme are a great brand. I can't wait for them to release a gi, it's going to be Sweet! Great interview Seymour OSS.


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