7 Feb 2015

Brand Profile - Newaza Apparel

You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice the riot of colour that is the brand, Newaza Apparel. For just over a year or so they've been rolling out crazy design after crazy design, and the people love them! I have even got onto the Newaza Express too with my own contributions - the Slow Your Roll snails T-shirt and the Season's Beatings Xmas sweater.

Newaza Apparel owner Travis Warner took a few minutes out to chat with me:-

Who are the people behind Newaza Apparel? 
Myself, Casey Halstead (10th Planet Costa Mesa, 10th Planet Reign, 10th Planet Buena Park, 10th Planet Orange) and Pete Bradford

When did you form? 
June 2013

A lot of your products feature, dare I say it, insane graphics. How would you describe your house style?
I always envisioned Newaza as reflection of myself. I draw a lot of inspirations from skateboarding brands & harajuku meets San Francisco street fashion

What makes you guys a little different from the other brands on the scene? 
We actually train & do Jiu Jitsu and care about the sport.

You are heavily involved in the tournament scene, describe the events and athletes you endorse and support? 
Events Eddie Bravo Invitational Polaris Gracie Worlds/Nationals Dream Jiu Jitsu Sunday Roll Out Grapplers Quest California Catch Wrestling Association King of Catch presented by Scientific Wrestling Rev Gear League Hayastan Grappling Challenge

What are your goals and ambitions for the brand over the coming months and years? 
We're just trying to make the dopest stuff we can.

Any shout outs? 
10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Combat Submission Wrestling Open Mat Radio Dstryr And my dude @shillustration (find him on Instagram)


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