25 Feb 2015

Review - Tatami Fightwear Estilo 5

Tatami Fightwear continue their top of the line range of regular BJJ gis with this, the number 5 incarnation of their popular Estilo range. It offers the same solid, well built characteristics of the previous Estilos with smart new graphics and an added inner yoke liner. There is also a wider side vent, something they refer to as the Y-shaped vent, although I was not wholly convinced of its functional merits.

I have produced a number of designs on a freelance basis for Tatami Fightwear. I have had no involvement with this product. All views expressed are my own.

Information: Available from: www.tatamifightwear.com
Price: £99

It will have to take a lot to improve on the Estilo 4, which I absolutely loved wearing and made it my go to regular rotation gi. The number 5 presents not a radical departure from the previous version, but does add a number of cool new touches. Notably, there now is an inside liner covering the jacket yoke and the side vents have been modified to flare out wider, something Tatami refer to as a Y-shaped vent. Other than that, the materials and excellent quality remain the same. Does the number 5 measure up to the excellent previous version? Find out in my report :-

Size, Weight and Shrinkage
(I weigh 58-59kilos / 135lbs and measure 167cm tall / 5'6" - I normally wear A1 but I have long arms)

Measurements in cm for a size A1 gi, first figure new, second figure after several 40 degree C washes.
A: 159/153
B: 75.5/75
C: 53/53
D: 16/15.5
E: 53/48
F: 98/97
G: 21/21
Jacket weight: 1.2kg (2.6lbs)
Trouser weight: 0.6kg (1.3lbs)

Stats discussion - For both jacket and pants there was barely any shrinkage even after many warm machine washes (air dried). The wingspan remained stable at 153cm which is just within my threshold for my own long arms but is a touch shorter than the previous Estilo #4.
Conversely, the trouser length is slightly longer than the previous Estilo. Weight, at 1.2Kg for the jacket, is very light for a size A1.

The jacket maintains the previous incarnation of 550gsm pearlweave. For me this is a great weight level for a sturdy, high quality and durable feeling uniform. What is new are the branding elements, Y-shaped side vents, inside yoke liner and even more comfy cuff tape.

Trivia note: the artwork inside was drawn by ace fine artist and jiu jitsu brown belt, Phillip Lietz. Visit his website to see more of his stunning works.

The pants are made from 12oz canvas cotton. Like the jacket, they feel sturdy and hard wearing yet still offer enough comfort and flex while moving. The rop drawstring is held in place by three very wide belt loops plus the branded patch, which acts as a fourth loop. Knee layers only extend halfway down the shin. Personally I feel all pants should have the reinforced lower leg portion extend all the way down to the ankle. Gi material makes up the gusset crotch portion.

Rolling performance
The Estilo 4 was so good I made it my go to rotation gi for regular training use. This, the Estilo 5 offers the exact same fit, feel, comfort and durability as the No4, but with arguable nicer graphics. The arm length and trouser lengths are great for my personal dimensions and it sits really well on my body.

During sparring, I didn't really notice any additional benefit to the much touted Y-shaped side vents. It's not like this was a problem to me prior to these being introduced. Maybe on other body types it would be more noticeable? Ditto with the inner yoke liner. I see it merely as a decorative inclusion and less as a functional one...however I normally wear a rashguard beneath my gi, so maybe it offers some skin to skin comfort value to people who don't wear a rashguard. Regardless, it's not like the whole of the inside is covered with rash lining (unlike some of Tatami's other models such as the Zen Gorilla gi).

The Estilo 5 improves on the previous model in a number of minor but arguably noticeable differences. For me, it is still a very comfortable and well fitting uniform that performs under training perfectly. I am happy to add this to my rotation and retire the No4 Estilo from my cupboard.


About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


jaron garcia said...

Hey buddy, just curious are you referencing that size chart to the Estilo 5.0 or 4.0? On tatami website the measurements you gave seem to be more in line with a size A0 than an A1. It's getting mea little worries that I may have ordered the wrong size! :o

Meerkatsu said...

My measurements are for an A1 as seen in my photos and as worn by me in the review. I can only go by the sample sent to me.

Meerkatsu said...

My measurements are for an A1 as seen in my photos and as worn by me in the review. I can only go by the sample sent to me.

Jaron Garcia said...

Thanks for the info bud. gonna have to return and reorder.

Anonymous said...

Zen Gorilla or estilo 5.0 ?

Anonymous said...

How is the collar, Seymour?

Unknown said...

Great review, thanks. Found 2xl on Amazon for a great price.

Unknown said...

Great review, thanks. Found 2xl on Amazon for a great price.


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