2 Mar 2015

Review -Fightgear UK, custom printing service

I test out the rashguard printing service offered by FightgearUK.com a British company that will make custom printed fightwear in small numbers.

Disclosures - I have no personal or business connection with Fightgear UK. All views expressed in this report are my own.

Fightgear UK, a British based apparel brand, offered me the chance to test out their custom rashguard printing service. For this project, I sent over my own interpretation of the Disney character Maleficent.

Owner David Hickey sent me blank templates from which to work from and I was able to adapt my design above quite easily. Mind you, I am familiar with the process of sending artwork to rashguard makers but for customers who are not, David informs me he can offer bespoke design and layout services upon request.

The rashguard is printed using dye sublimation. I ordered a size small for my team mate and sponsored competitor Sophie to wear since she needed a rank coloured rashguard for nogi competition and Maleficent is one of her most favourite characters so this is a single, personal use, one-off that will not be sold or printed commercially.

It took around 3 weeks to arrive - which is reasonably speedy considering it is made in China.

Due to my past experiences with factories in China and Pakistan bootlegging my designs, I was reassured by David that he would ensure this would not happen with my stuff and sent me a formal declaration:

"'Fightgearuk Ltd (the company) confirm that any artwork received will be used only in accordance with the wishes and direction of their customers. This includes both commercial and non-commercial distribution of said artwork. The customer agrees to the production of 1 unit to be used as a sample of work by the company, production of which will be at the cost of the company and not the customer/artist.'"

One off costs £40 incl shipping within the UK.
25+ the cost goes down to £18 each.
I'm sure volumes smaller or higher than the above quotes can be negotiated.

David informs me:
"We offer services to individuals, academies/gyms and brands. Most recent example of this is our work with The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood in making their 'Beyond Fear' rash guard, creating samples for 10th Planet London and your fine looking Maleficent inspired rash guard. We are not limited to rash guards and can supply BJJ gi's, compression shorts, spats, MMA shorts, t-shirts, hoodies etc.... all at the highest quality and very competitive price. Design services are offered for all of these products"

Here are more photos of the rashguard Fightgear UK made for me, Sophie tells me the size small fits her well and the contruction quality is excellent.


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

That's such a cool looking rashguard. I'd totally buy that even though I'm a dude.

Brodie Leap said...

This is incredible! Great work!

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