4 Oct 2015

Seminar - Ricardo de la Riva, Mill Hill BJJ

Mill Hill BJJ was host to Mestre Ricardo de la Riva all day today. He taught two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I attended the afternoon session where he covered spider guard sweeps, DLR sweeps and a counter to the smash pass. Here is an overview of the techniques he taught:

[Note: when referring to the man, I use 'de la Riva', when referring to the technique, I use DLR]

De la Riva places a spider guard foot on the bicep but applies the pressure towards the floor. Firm collar grip prevents the opponent from standing up too readily. Shin to shin position allows for elevation during the sweeping process.

David (top) attempts a smash pass and has grabbed the far lapel, note de la Riva maintains collar control with his right hand and places his right leg over David's back. As David applies pressure, de la Riva rolls over his chest and the momentum forces David to roll over his head and be swept. Note de la Riva does leaves his left had free without any grips. In a second variation on this technique, if David bases out with his free hand, de la Riva grabs it with his left hand and switches to a triangle.

De la Riva discusses how to enter DLR position when opponent is in tight combat base. (1) he uses the same downward forcing spider foot on bicep which unbalances (2) opponent thus opening a position to place the DLR foot (3). There are also options to use the shin on shin to sweep (4) and also switch direction altogether to spider sweep the opponent the opposite direction (5).

Deep DLR sweep. De la Riva has a DLR position with his left leg and a lasso position wrapped with his right leg, only here, he places his foot on the ground which prevents the opponent from stand up with his balance intact (1). De la Riva places his left foot deeper into the position (2) reaching the far hip of his opponent. The sweep (3) is simply a matter of directing the DLR knee towards the opponent. A variation on (4) shows that DLr has removed his lasso leg position and placed it shin to shin. This sweep is directed in the opposite direction (5) to the first sweep and the swept leg is cleared out the way for the pass (6).

Ricardo de la Riva taught techniques and positions that are still very much a part of the way modern BJJ students train and compete with. The DLR guard is in itself a powerful position to sweep and manouevre the opponent but it is also a base from which to execute a large variety of other techniques, such as the sitting up guard, spider guard and the berimbolo. I will be looking at these in my next DVD instructional review here on this blog.

My thanks to Ricardo de la Riva for yet again another masterclass seminar. Thanks also David Onuma for organising the event.

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