18 Apr 1999

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Hi blog reader!

Welcome to the Meerkatsu BJJ blog, thanks very much for checking it out, feel free to browse around, click and comment on anything you like.

About me
My name is Seymour Yang. I live and work in London, England. I began martial arts when I started university and took up karate. That was a loooong time ago. For over ten years I trained and ran my own club in Japanese-style traditional, ju-jitsu. I first took up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1993 and now train exclusively in this combat sport. In January 2010 I was awarded the rank of purple belt by my coach, Nick Brooks, at the Mill Hill Roger Gracie Academy.

This website focuses mainly on BJJ related product reviews, updates on art and design projects and anything BJJ related that I think is interesting to read about.

Media Appearances:
Feb 2012: I was interviewed by The Shirt List, a t-shirt art website here.
Jan 2012: I was interviewed by a Swedish grappling website, here.
Jan 2011: I appear in an advert for Break Point FC in the Feb 11 issue of Gracie Magazine.
Nov 2010: I was interviewed by Black Eagle Martial Arts about BJJ in general, read it here.
Oct 2010: I appeared on the Fightworks Podcast BJJ Radio Show talking about the Crazy Gi Contest 24mins in.
June 2010: I gave an interview for online BJJ magazine UK-BJJ, feel free to read it here.

You can read some testimonials about my media work here.

Here is my tournament record:

BJJ events:
2011 - Hereford Open #10, 64Kg adult purple belt, SILVER
2010 - English Open BJJ Championships, 70Kg purple masters, SILVER
2010 - Gracie Invitational, 64Kg purple belt master/seniors, BRONZE
2010 - BJJ British Open, 64Kg purple belt masters, BRONZE
2009 - Kent BJJ Open, under 76kg blue seniors, GOLD
2009 - Grapplers Showdown Gi Challenge, 70Kg Adult Blue, R1
2009 - Grapplers Showdown Gi Challenge, 64kg Adult, blue, SILVER
2009 - British BJJ Open, 64kg blue belt masters, BRONZE
2009 - Essex BJJ Open, 64Kg blue belt Masters, GOLD
2009 - Grab and Pull’ BJJ Open, 64Kg adult blue belt, BRONZE
Japanese Ju-Jitsu events:
2008 - JJJA Nationals, groundfighting under 69Kg, R1
2006 - JJJA Nationals, groundfighting under 69Kg, SILVER
2004 - JJJA Nationals, groundfighting, under 69Kg, QF
2001 - JJJA Nationals, sparring mens lightweight, BRONZE
2000 - UNJJ International, sparring mens lightweight, R1
1999 - JJJA Nationals, sparring mens lightweight, SILVER

I love training BJJ and I also love writing and photographing about it. Some of my work has featured on websites such as The Fightworks Podcast and On The Mat, and some of my work has been published in magazines such as Martial Arts Illustrated, Combat and Fighters.

But most of all, I love to write about all sorts of random topics within the world of BJJ, so I hope you enjoy your visit. Come back again!

Email: seymouryang at gmail
I sometimes post on Twitter but mostly I use Facebook
(it is a page so just click 'like')

About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Laurence said...


Great website, really love the content. Trying to contact you about your logo and couldn't find an email so thought I'd leave a comment instead!!

I've recently set up my own site (www.bjjmindset.com) and I'm looking to get a funky logo designed and noticed yours was pretty cool. Any advise on this such as, where did you get that from and how much did it cost?



Meerkatsu said...

Hi Laurence,

Thanks for checking out the blog.

The 'M' logo was designed and executed by me using combination of a pencil, sketchpad, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Training BJJ said...

I pretty much just found your blog. Don't know how I missed it over the last few years. I have just started my own and you set a great example of what a bjj blog should strive to be...

Thanks man...


Meerkatsu said...

Thanks Greg, happy training, I'll check out your site now!

Brown Bear said...


I recently found your blog, and from there lots of BJJ blogs that I didn't really know existed before I left England. I just wanted to say thanks for writing the blog because it is always a great read and I've decided to start my own blog now. I hope you have time to check it out.


Brown Bear said...


I recently found your blog, and from there lots of BJJ blogs that I didn't really know existed before I left England. I just wanted to say thanks for writing the blog because it is always a great read and I've started my own blog now.


Meerkatsu said...

Hey Andy, like your witty write-ups, I shall add it to my google reader, Good luck withyour training mate!

mma clothing store said...

Hi Meerkatsu,

Great blog. I was wondering if you fancied working with us at www.mmadream.com and writing some pieces on MMA and BJJ. Let me know your thoughts :)

Meerkatsu said...

Email me if interested.

Anonymous said...

hey just came across your blog via the mill hill bjj website, it's really good man i like the reviews and interviews on here.i just started training at mill hill in february. your blog can get me up to speed on all things bjj

cheers dude


Unknown said...

hey seymour, awesome work! sent you an email.


Karl said...

Hey Meerkatsu,
I don't buy anything bjj without checking your reviews first. I saw the Red Dragon gi you designed and wanted to buy one in A2 in black but theyre sold out. I thought maybe you might have info on if there will be more or if maybe you have onelying around somewhere you can get rid of. Thanks a lot for all your art!

Meerkatsu said...

I'm not sure Karl, Strike are putting out a bunch of new gi models soon. I'm not sure if they have any Red Dragons left, but if they've run out, then I suspect that may be it for now. I hope to do more designs for them soon so stay tuned :)

Karl said...

Thanks so much for your quick response! Can't wait to see more of your work with them. Until then i guess it will be Honey badger time! Oss


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