18 Apr 1999

BJJ Interviews

Matt Benyon
The man who makes the excellent Grappling Dummies series of videos

Luke Dalmedo
Team mate and promising young MMA fighter

Daniel Strauss
Talented teenage Roger Gracie purple belt.

Tyrone 'Tyweezy' Elliott
Part two of Omied Khakshour's father and son fighter profiles

Dave 'Speedy' Elliott
First part of Father & Son fighter profile written by Omied Khakshour

Josh Palmer
Josh lost 45Kg just through jiu-jitsu - it's no exaggeration to say BJJ saved his life

Nick Brooks
This is a reprint of an article written by Martin Lopez originally for Martial Arts Illustrated

Michael Russell
The UK's youngest BJJ black belt - written for Kombat Clinic

Roy Dean
Link to come

Jose Leao Teixeira
Link to come

Andy Roberts - Roger Gracie brown belt and owner of Andy Roberts BJJ - Part 1 and Part 2.

Rob Taylor
BJJ purple belt and EFN moderator, Rob's outspoken style has won him admirers as well as detractrors.

So You Think You Can Organise a Tournament?
My three-part feature exploring what goes on behind the scenes of running a BJJ tournament. Part one: Steve Fan talks about the BJJ British Open. Part two: Dave Coles talks about what the Hereford BJJ Open is such a popular event. Part three, Jim McSherry of the UMA shares his dream of creating the best tournaments he possibly can.

Caz 'Ghost-Owl' Tweedy
Up and coming no-gi girl from Leicester Shootfighters.

Andy & Luke Costello
Father and son fighting sensations.

Leoni Munslow
Leoni Munslow is a prolific competitor on the UK BJJ scene. Fresh from her double gold winning performance at this year's BJJ British Open, I chat to Leoni, or She-Ra as she cheekily likes to call herself on the forums, to find out more about her background, goals and passion for jiu-jitsu...

Ana Maria 'India'

Seymour Yang went to meet Brazilian black belt Ana Maria at her first ever UK seminar in London, and discuss life as a full time athlete, TV fame, motherhood and what it's like to beat up guys everyday.

Eamonn Madden
Seymour Yang went to meet Eamonn Madden for the Fightworks Podcast. Eamonn is a UK-based BJJ instructor and a mental performance coach who uses his techniques in the class and for clients looking to improve their competitive edge.

Jay Herridge
Jay Herridge is an 11-year-old BJJ prodigy. With 14 gold medals won in a little under two years, he could very well be one of the UK's most prolific BJJ competitors.

Triin Seppel
Triin Seppel is a mum of two who happens to love BJJ. She loved it so much she started up her own BJJ gi company, called Fenom.

Felipe de Souza

Seymour Yang, for Martial Arts Illustrated, chats to Felipe de Souza, founder of the popular and successful BJJ School in the UK.

Penny Thomas

Seymour Yang, for Fighters magazine, speaks to World BJJ Champion, Penny Thomas during her first UK seminar.

Andrew Marshall
Andrew is the strength and conditioning coach at Mill Hill Combat and Conditioning Academy.

Simon Yeo
Simon is a 12th dan black belt in Bujinkan ninjutsu but also a brown belt in BJJ under Roger Gracie.

Oli Geddes
My 'half-guard wizard' interview with Oli for The Fightworks Podcast.

The Jiu-Jitsu Sisterhood
I interview three active female competitors about their experiences on the tournament circuit.
Also: full versions of my interviews with Dominique Vitry, Camilla Hansen and Caiomhe McGill.

Nick Brooks
I didn't know it at the time, but Nick would eventually become my BJJ coach after I moved location. Here he is in 2007.

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