23 Jul 2004

First entry

Well, it's here, the first entry in my new time-wasting achievement...the weblog. It won't change the world, and it won't pay the bills, but I'm pretty chuffed to be joining the ranks of millions of others within the Blogging community.Currently, I am laid low due to an elbow injury. Unusually, it is not self-inflicted, rather, an over-enthusiastic ju-jitsu instructor threw me so hard I had no time to unfurl the full length of my arm to breakfall properly. Instead, the very point of my elbow hit the woefully thin mat and it has hurt for the past three weeks.Luckily, this has given me the opportunity to start this blog and concentrate on other neglected duties, such as playing Xbox and updating my growing collection of Ogg files.

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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


slideyfoot said...

Don't think I've ever gone right back to the start of your blog. I think yours may be the oldest continuously active BJJ blog on the web (would be interesting to know if anyone started before 2004: that's also when my first entry pops up, though it was a c&p from a forum thread: I only set up a blog in 2005).

Anyway, going through the Meerkatsu archives should serve as a nice break from finishing up my thesis for submission. Hopefully I'll get the whole thing done (just polished off the foonotes and bibliography) before the free Pan Ams stream starts at 4pm. :D

Meerkatsu said...

Oldest eh? Wow, a record breaker maybe! iirc my first BJJ lesson ever was 2003 so a year after I began the blog - although I did write about my first few lessons as part of the monologues on my Imperial JJ Club website - now defunct and possible lost forever. I wonder if I can track it down as a lost Word file somewhere? I'll have a dig.

slideyfoot said...

That would be cool to read: definitely stick it up on the blog if you find it. The way you can backdate posts on blogger is most handy. :)


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