30 Jul 2004

Injury kudos

Why is it I never get the sympathy inducing injuries? It's always something very internal and odd, like my neck strain, and elbow strain, or the little toe is a bit wonky? Tell someone your neck is a bit dodgy and they just look at you funny. Of course, my refusal to bundle up in swathes of bandages or acres of neoprene supports obviously doesn't help. I say this because this month has seen a spate of niggling injuries to the dojo members. One member is out with damaged ligaments in her foot and has to hobble around on crutches (a definite 8/10 on the sympathy spectrum). Another is bedridden with flu (only a 6/10 here) and another has a twisted knee (possible great name for a rock band). Rumour has it, that someone once died of a heart attack doing ju-jitsu - now that is a whopping 10/10 in my book.I finally decide that the elbow thing is not going to go away so I see the doctor. She's clueless about my odd elbow and refers me to Hospital. Wow, now I'm in the sympathy zone big time since going to hospital is, like, a big deal. A couple of zaps of x-ray and the radiographer decides I am not an emergency case and sends me packing. I'm back to zero in the sympathy kudos stakes.

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