4 Aug 2004

Qjump sucks

I want to add my voice to the fact that online train booking company Qjump sucks big time. I planned a special surprise trip to Scotland for my other half, instead I spend all my time arguing with the inept customer services to get me a replacement ticket since they failed to deliver the originals. they just don't care and worse, they give you the wrong advice about what to do. Countless calls and numerous broken promises, I still have no tickets so we take a chance and get on the train anyway. Luckily, the GNER train staff are more than sympathetic. When I explain that I bought tickets that never showed, they ask: who with? And when I say Qjump they roll their eyes with a 'oh no, not another one' type of face. Yep, Qjump suck and they do it badly.

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